Cool Star Wars Photos, Do you love me yeah yeah yeah

Cool T-shirt for Beatles fans and Star Wars fans together. A take on a famous shot for the four Beatles but showing four characters for the movie we all star wars photos chewbacca beatles tshirt Cool Star Wars Photos fact:

The Nerf is a pack animal, a bit like a bison, they have curved horns and long fur. The animal is also used for meat. It was first mentioned on Star Wars Ep.4 and it is meant to live on the planet Alderaan. The long fur tangles and mats really easy and because of this it get insects and things sticking to it and makes it smell pretty bad. Shepherds that raise nerfs are called nerf herders.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Cat Watches Star Wars Movie

I wonder how long the cat watched the star wars movie. Maybe it just wanted to see the part when Luke finds out Darth is his father :)cool star wars photos cat love star wars new hope movie Cool Star Wars Photos fact: Jedi Knights are trained in the use of the Force, and use the wonderful light saber for their choice of weapon. Senator Palpatine knew that Jedi Knights were the only thing that could stop his ultimate rule so he sent forces out to kill all the Jedi. He nearly succeeded too because the only Jedi that survived was Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Darth Vader.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Original Magazine Cover

A photo of a Star Wars People Magazine cover from July 18, 1977 when the movie was first released. Says: Star Wars , the talented folks (all under 40) who gave us c3-p0 and the summers box office sizzler.

cool star wars photos c3p0 people magazine 1977 Cool Star Wars Photos facts: Anthony Daniels was the actor that played C-3PO in all of the first three Star Wars movies and also the two Star Wars
radio shows.


Cool Star Wars Photos, AT AT pram

Geeky dad pushing his baby in a pram made to look like a great AT-AT.

cool star wars photos baby pram ATAT Cool Star Wars Photos fact: The AT-ST stands for All-Terrain Scout Transport is like a small two legged version of an AT-AT and is used as a scout vehicle (well that is it’s name). It is 8.6 metres tall and has a crew of two people and can
carry up to around 40kg of cargo. The AT-ST has weapons that are dual blaster cannons and twin light blaster cannon and a grenade launcher.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Pony Leia

Three cute Star Wars toys. A strange combination of cute ponies dressed as characters from the Star Wars movies – Princess Leia, Storm Trooper and Han star wars photos cute pony leiacool star wars photos cute pony troopercool star wars photos cute pony han solo

Cool Star Wars Photos fact: In later Star Wars stories, Han Solo and Leia Organa marry and have three children. The children's names are Jacen (son) and Jaina (daughter) who were first and are twins and  the second son called Anakin. All three children are strong in the Force.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Troopers Attacking Squirrel

Funny photo of some storm troopers getting attacked by a giant squirrel. Lucky the toy AT-AT is about to blast away.

cool star wars photos at at troopers in the wildCool Star Wars Photos fact:
The Imperial Cold Assault stormtrooper is the proper name for what we all call a Snowtrooper. They are all highly trained stormtroopers that specialise in working in extremely cold conditions. Their armour has been specifically modified to generate heat and recycle oxygen.