weird looking R2D2 from Star Wars

What a weird looking R2D2 from Star Wars. This funny thing is just a photo of someone in fancy dress. Very strange but very cool Star Wars photo.

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Nien Nunb is from a Sullustan race. He was a loyal member of staff representing SoroSuub until it aligned itself along with the evil Empire. He was a trade runner for the company, using his standard lightweight freighter Sublight Queen to transport unprocessed resources along with mineral deposits toward out-of-the-way systems. He met Lando Calrissian on one of his numerous missions on behalf of SoroSuub. After the Empire grew to dominance and SoroSuub claimed its loyalty to the New Order, Nien Nunb fled from Sullust then united with the Alliance.

Nien Nunb's supreme achievement arrived at some point in the Battle of Endor, when he was assigned to be Lando's co-pilot the Millennium Falcon taking part in the assault on the second Death Star. He later on assisted Han Solo in the rescue of the planet Vandelheim from Imperial rule, assisted in the defeat of the Godoans, plus yet again piloted the Falcon against the N'Gai.

Following Grand Admiral Thrawn's demise, Lando approached him by way of an proposal to help excavate Kessel's spice mines in place of a partial share of the mines' revenue. Nunb saw the reason behind hiring races that unsurprisingly lived beneath the earth to officially extract spice, and agreed to perform in the role of Calrissian’s Chief Officer. Jointly, they turned Kessel’s complete organization into a respectable business, supplying spice designed for therapeutic as well as other above-board uses.