Funny Star Wars Video, Boogie Nights – The Star Wars Edition

Funny Star Wars Video, Boogie Nights – The Star Wars Edition.

Everyone has one special thing… and maybe it is not the force! The life of a dreamer, the days of a business, and the nights in between.

Everyone's born with one special thing, and Luke Skywalker uses his humongous "Force" to take the Empire by storm.

Funny Star Wars Video Boogie Nights, Everyone has one special thing


Star Wars pics, Homeless Darth needs a job

Darth Vader is homeless and needs a little cash to start up again. Geez Darth can’t even star wars photos homeless darth

True Star Wars facts - Sy Snootles was the lead vocalist in the Max Rebo Band
The band starred Max Rebo on keyboards and Droopy McCool on the various wind instruments. She had a long snout and skinny legs and was one of the best jizz-wailers in the galaxy. Sy Snootles was acted by Annie Arbogast in Star Wars Return of the Jedi.


Funny Star Wars, Those were the droids you were looking for

I bet the Stormtrooper feels guilty now. Of course, they were the droids they were looking for. Silly buggers falling for the Force :)cool star wars photos fired trooper Star Wars info – The Royal Imperial Guards are red-armoured protectors of the Emperor, these servants are specially-trained storm troopers who met certain physical and emotional characteristics. The Royal Imperial Guards  were trained to learn the deadly art of Echani (and fought to the death against their fellow guards just to prove loyalty to Emperor Palpatine) on the barren planet of Yinchorr. Their red armour is based on two unique designs: the Thyrsus Sun Guards and the Mandalorian Death Watch.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Mickey Vader

Sing a long … M-I-C, K-E-Y, V-A-D-E-R, Mickey Vader. I am pretty sure this Star Wars poster is from a Disneyland promo. Not bad hey?

cool star wars photos darth or mickey mouse

Star Wars strange facts-

Mouse Droid is another name for the smaller versions of MSE droids. These black, trapezoidal droids roll around on 6 wheels. They are made by the Rebaxan Colmuni company. The Empire used these small, 10-inch-tall droids to fill the need for cheap, reliable labour. These boxy little droids, known as Mouse Droids because of their size, were easily programmed to perform class-three tasks, such as message delivery, in nearly every Imperial
outpost, including the Death Star.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Vader at the photo booth

What pranksters Obi won and Yoda are, messing around with poor old Vader trying to get some photos at a photo star wars photos darth in a photo booth quick star wars fact: The swamp planet that was home to Yoda was called Dagobah and was in the Sluis sector. The planet's day lasts 22 Earth hours, and its year is 340 days long. Towards the end of the Dark Jedi Insurrection, a Dark Jedi hid here and caused the planet to be bathed in Dark Side energy. Maybe this is why Jedi Master Yoda could hide on the planet when Palpatine was eradicating the Jedi, seeing his Light Side would have been covered by the Dark Side energy on the planet.


Cool Star Wars Pics, Use The Force… To Clean

Good old Darth. When you are the big evil one you must look your best… must keep Darth Vader's helmet clean and shiny.

cool star wars photos darth cleaning head

Cool Star Wars fact:  Plo Koon is a Kel Dor and was close friend of Qui-Gon Jinn. He was a Jedi Master and was one of the last members of the Jedi Council. Alan Ruscoe was the actor playing Plo Koon in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Here comes Darth Cat

Oh no, this is cruel isn’t it? It is just not right to dress up your pet cat in a Darth Vader costume.

cool star wars photos Darth Cat Cool Star wars Pics fact: During the Battle of Endor, Colonel Salm  used the callsign Grey Leader. The callsign of Lieutenant Telsij was Grey Two and the group of B-wings were called the Grey Squadron.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Cutest Star Wars Toys

I have no idea what the brand of these toys are but the do look good. Cute, Japanese style Star Wars characters.

cool star wars photos cute vader stormtrooper dolls Cool Star Wars Photo facts: Star Wars Return of the Jedi was at one stage Revenge of the Jedi – there are even some toys out there thet have that name on them, if you find one keep it.


Cool Star Wars Pictures, Meet Chewbacca's Family

Look at the lovely family portrait of Chewbacca and his wife plus three cute Chewie kids! Nice family holiday photos at the back as well :)cool star wars photos chewies family Cool Star Wars Pictures fact: Chewbacca has always been a Wookie but did you know that in the first original screenplay draft for Star Wars New Hope (Ep.4), Chewies mate Han Solo was not a human!


Cool Star Wars Pictures, Puppy Dog AT-AT

Awww, isn’t that cute? A nice lttle AT-AT from Star Wars acting like a little puppy scratching at a door to get star wars photos AT AT trying to get out - like a dogCool Star Wars Pictures facts: Anakin Skywalker’s mother is called Shmi Skywalker. I read she was captured when she was very young and became a slave. Shmi and Anakin became the property of Watto after he won a bet against Gardulla. Pernilla August was portrayed by was the actor playing Shmi Skywalker in the movie Star Wars The Phantom Menace (episode one)


Cool Star Wars Photos, Scout Trooper Imperial Walker

Funny take on a Star Wars Imperial Walker – this Scout Trooper has a walker with the label Imperial Walker on it. Not sure if he really needs it or not but great star wars photos challenged scout trooper and girlCool Star Wars Photos fact: The detention block on the first Death Star that was used to imprison Princess Leia was designated AA-23 and was located on Level 5.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Star Wars cars

A couple of great photos. Darth Vader in a race type car (I think it is a Lotus) and the other is a Stormtrooper in a white Lotus. Black Vader in a black car, white trooper in a white car.

cool star wars photos darth vader in a lotus cool star wars photos stormtrooper in lotus Cool Star Wars Photo facts: The cast for the original Star Wars movie in 1977 is…

Luke Skywalker MARK HAMILL
Princess Leia Organa CARRIE FISHER
Grand Moff Tarkin PETER CUSHING
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi ALEC GUINNESS
Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) KENNY BAKER
Lord Darth Vader DAVID PROWSE
General Dodonna ALEX McCRINDLE
General Willard EDDIE BYRNE
Red Three (Biggs) GARRICK HAGON
Red Four (John "D") JACK KLAFF


Cool Star Wars Photo, Darth Vader cupcakes

Yummy, delicious looking Darth Vader cupcakes complete with red lightsabers. Where can I buy one of these chocolate goodies?cool star wars photos darth vader cupcakes

Cool Star Wars Photos facts: When Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader was battling aboard the second Death Star, Luke cut off Darth Vader's right hand with his lightsaber. It was assumed that Vaders hand was lost when the Death Star 2 exploded near Endor but the Prophets of the Dark Side predicted that it would be found by the next ruler of the galaxy.


Cool Star Wars Photos, The Aluminium Falcon

I guess this Cool Star Wars Photo works best if you say it in English English and not US English. I think it is from a star wars photos Aluminum FalconCool Star Wars Photo fact: Docking Bay 2037 is the docking bay where the Millennium Falcon was held in the first Death Star and Docking Bay 94 was the place where the Millennium Falcon parked at the Mos Eisley spaceport, around the time Han Solo was meeting Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan.


Cool Star Wars Photos – Adobe Wan Kenobi

The latest Windows program from Adobe – Adobe Wan Kenobi. This is the best version of Photoshop ever and probably the last to be made. Comes with the best Clone tool around :)

cool star wars photos Adobe ObiCool Star Wars Photos Facts: In the book ‘Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina’ just before Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker booked to go aboard the Millennium Falcon, a droid comes up to Wuher in the alley ways of Mos Eisley, looking for protection from the Jawas. This droid was a C2-R4, it looks like an R2 unit in its basic shape, but it is covered with various arms. Most of the top rounded dome has been replaced with a grill. The C2-R4 was modified to perform basic household tasks, but was abandoned on Tatooine.

Cool Star Wars Photos, Do you love me yeah yeah yeah

Cool T-shirt for Beatles fans and Star Wars fans together. A take on a famous shot for the four Beatles but showing four characters for the movie we all star wars photos chewbacca beatles tshirt Cool Star Wars Photos fact:

The Nerf is a pack animal, a bit like a bison, they have curved horns and long fur. The animal is also used for meat. It was first mentioned on Star Wars Ep.4 and it is meant to live on the planet Alderaan. The long fur tangles and mats really easy and because of this it get insects and things sticking to it and makes it smell pretty bad. Shepherds that raise nerfs are called nerf herders.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Cat Watches Star Wars Movie

I wonder how long the cat watched the star wars movie. Maybe it just wanted to see the part when Luke finds out Darth is his father :)cool star wars photos cat love star wars new hope movie Cool Star Wars Photos fact: Jedi Knights are trained in the use of the Force, and use the wonderful light saber for their choice of weapon. Senator Palpatine knew that Jedi Knights were the only thing that could stop his ultimate rule so he sent forces out to kill all the Jedi. He nearly succeeded too because the only Jedi that survived was Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Darth Vader.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Original Magazine Cover

A photo of a Star Wars People Magazine cover from July 18, 1977 when the movie was first released. Says: Star Wars , the talented folks (all under 40) who gave us c3-p0 and the summers box office sizzler.

cool star wars photos c3p0 people magazine 1977 Cool Star Wars Photos facts: Anthony Daniels was the actor that played C-3PO in all of the first three Star Wars movies and also the two Star Wars
radio shows.


Cool Star Wars Photos, AT AT pram

Geeky dad pushing his baby in a pram made to look like a great AT-AT.

cool star wars photos baby pram ATAT Cool Star Wars Photos fact: The AT-ST stands for All-Terrain Scout Transport is like a small two legged version of an AT-AT and is used as a scout vehicle (well that is it’s name). It is 8.6 metres tall and has a crew of two people and can
carry up to around 40kg of cargo. The AT-ST has weapons that are dual blaster cannons and twin light blaster cannon and a grenade launcher.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Pony Leia

Three cute Star Wars toys. A strange combination of cute ponies dressed as characters from the Star Wars movies – Princess Leia, Storm Trooper and Han star wars photos cute pony leiacool star wars photos cute pony troopercool star wars photos cute pony han solo

Cool Star Wars Photos fact: In later Star Wars stories, Han Solo and Leia Organa marry and have three children. The children's names are Jacen (son) and Jaina (daughter) who were first and are twins and  the second son called Anakin. All three children are strong in the Force.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Troopers Attacking Squirrel

Funny photo of some storm troopers getting attacked by a giant squirrel. Lucky the toy AT-AT is about to blast away.

cool star wars photos at at troopers in the wildCool Star Wars Photos fact:
The Imperial Cold Assault stormtrooper is the proper name for what we all call a Snowtrooper. They are all highly trained stormtroopers that specialise in working in extremely cold conditions. Their armour has been specifically modified to generate heat and recycle oxygen.

Cool Star Wars Photos, Lukes Starfighter Car

What a great Star Wars custom car modification. This looks like a Honda CRX to me but has been modded to be Luke Skywalkers X-Wing Starfighter complete with R2-D2 in the back. Cool and looks great.

cool star wars photos starship car with r2d2 Cool Star Wars Photos fact -

Incom industries T-65c A2 Starfighter is usually just called the X-Wing. It is a fighter that has great manoeuvrability and shooting accuracy because of its two wings that split in two by activating S-foils. Each wing has its own laser cannon. It is a single pilot ship, with a socket for an R2 astromech droid that will act as a navigational computer.

The X-Wing was designed by Incom for the Empire but the Empire thought Incom
were Alliance sympathisers and stopped manufacture. The X-Wing team then defected to the Alliance, flying out with all the X-Wing plans and prototypes and then destroying all x-wing records the databases of the Empire and Incom. After that the Alliance then started to make X-Wings themselves.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Chewbacca playing baseball

Good old Chewbacca. Is there nothing he can’t do. This Star Wars photo shows Chewie throwing a baseball. My guess it was some charity type baseball game. Strike One!

cool star wars photo wookie Cool Star Wars Photos fact -

The designation code on the detention block on the first Death Star used to imprison Princess Leia was AA-23 and it was located on Level 5.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Star Wars Rock Band Game

Would this be the ultimate Star Wars console game – Rock Band Star Wars? Well maybe not but it is a good photo anyway, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, RD-D2 and C3-P0 all rocking it out.

cool star wars photo rock band Cool Star Wars Photos fact -

Red Five was Luke's callsign, Red Four was John-D's callsign and Red Leader was Dave's callsign during the Battle of Yavin in the original movie Star Wars: A New Hope (episode four)


Cool Star Wars Photos, Pastel Pink Darth Vader

Doesn’t Darth Vader look pretty in his pastel colours of pink and lemon. The hello kitty logo is a nice touch as well. It would make a nice Darth Vader doll for the girls that like Barbie dolls.

cool star wars photo pink darth vader hello kitty Cool Star Wars Photos fact -

The Old Republic was the name given to the time before the Empire was formed. It lasted for at least 25000 years and was the time when the Senate Council was working with all Jedi Knights to keep the galaxy in union. It caved from within when Palpatine and other corrupt Senators began working for their own outcomes.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Chewbacca Playing Poker With Ewoks

What a classic Star Wars photo. Chewie playing poker with his ewok mates. This is a take on the classic dogs playing poker picture. A lot of the details are the same such as the light, clock, chairs, even the clocks time!

cool star wars photos chewie and ewoks playing poker

Cool Star Wars Photos fact -

Ewoks have Birth Trees. When an Ewok is born, it is by tradition that fellow Ewoks go out to the forest and plant a seedling. The seedling then becomes the Ewok's birth-tree.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Blue Harvest

I know a few people that didn’t like the Family Guy Star Wars episode, I thought it was pretty good. Every one would have seen this as you can download it easily.

Many people don’t know what Blue Harvest is and why this Star Wars episode said it. This photo is the poster of the Family Guy Star Wars Blue Harvest episode. Click for a bigger photo.

cool star wars photos blue harvest family guyCool Star Wars Photos fact -

Blue Harvest was one of the names Lucasfilm used to describe the production of the movie Star Wars Return of the Jedi. It was a fake working title used to hide the films production and pretended to be an upcoming horror film that Lucas was making.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Vaders Camper Van

I have actually seen this Vader camper van many times around my town near the beach. These van are a bit old and have slogans and pictures painted on them – this one as you can see has May The Force Be With You and Darth Vaders mask on the side.

Good Star Wars photo, I doubt Darth Vader would use this a s his transport.

cool star wars photo darth vader camper van Cool Star Wars Photos fact -

Ewoks used Hang Gliders as a mode of transportation. These were made from a stick frame with animal skin stretched over. It allowed them to glide on air currents. To take off, they used a device like a catapult to launch the Ewoks gliders from cliffs.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Chewie Groping Leia

Good old Chewie going the grope on Princess Leia. This looks like a photo taken on the set of Star Wars, a funny outtake, posed photo. Princess Leia looks to have a strange right eye.

cool star wars photo chewie loves leia

Cool Star Wars Photos fact -

Princess Leia awarded Medals Of Honour to Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca after the Battle of Yavin, at the Grand Audience Chamber. It is a huge, open space located at the top of the Great Temple on Yavin 4.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Vader With Schoolgirls

This cool Star Wars photo is of a billboard in Japan. It was an advert for a phone company, on the right were some free phone cards that people could take.

cool Star Wars phone billboard in subway in Tokyo When billboards first put up they had phone cards stuck to themCool Star Wars Photos fact-

When Senator Palpatine assumed the throne of galactic Emperor, he knew that the Jedi Knights were the only thing that could possibly stop his total control, so he sent a fleet of forces to exterminate all Jedi. He nearly succeeded, because the only Jedi that did survive were Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Yoda. Yoda was the only true Jedi Master left. It is said that the best and truest Jedi Masters do not truly die, but move on to some mystical state of being.

Clive Revill supplied Palpatine's voice in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes
Back, while Ian McDiarmid portrayed the Emperor himself in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Chewbacca School Photo

Ever wondered what Chewbacca would look like at school? Here is his High School photo – well not really :)

cool star wars photos chewbacca high school photo

Cool Star Wars Photos fact -

The Bowcaster was Chewbacca's weapon of choice It is like a crossbow but is not a laser weapon like storm troopers blaster or blast rifles are, but it fires explosive bolts instead. These kinds of weapons are manufactured at Kashyyyk and seem to be only used by Wookiees.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Breakdancing Darth

Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks, Darth Maul, Yoda and others in a breakdance competition.

cool star wars photo breakdance

Cool Star Wars Photos fact -

Jar Jar Binks is a Gungan that has been outcast and is a friend of Qui-Gon Jinn. His body is thin and very muscley with frills on his head at the back. Outcasted from Otoh Gunga for continually building mistakes that placed other Gungans at risk and setting free the animals in Otoh Gunga’s zoo. Jar Jar was rescued by Qui-Gon Jinn while he was consuming clams and drifting around the swamps of Naboo when the Trade Coalition set down it’s force. Qui-Gon saved Jar Jar from additional disciplinary prosecution by claiming a life-debt on him.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Original Star Wars Script

Super cool photo of a Star Wars script. Richard says “My dad got me the one of the best birthday gifts ever. This is an original copy of the fourth draft of George Lucas' script, originally entitled 'The Star Wars', 1976. “ Lucky bugger… unless it is a ‘Copy’ of the draft copy.

cool star wars photos draft script of original star wars

Cool Star Wars Photos fact -

The Krayt Dragon is a huge, terrifying beast native to the planet Tatooine. The Krayt dragon is a beast which continues to grow larger the whole time of its years. The Krayt dragon is a tawny colour so it can conceal itself by blending in with the desert's rocky caves and crevices. The head of the Krayt is heavily toughened and has five large horns growing from its head and its tail is dotted with long spikes. The dragon walks on four solid legs and is fairly low to the ground .

Cool Star Wars Photos, Darth Vader With His Teddy Bear

A nice little painting it looks, Darth Vader cuddling his cute little Teddy Bear. The pink shirt with a vest and tie looks good.

cool star wars photos darth vader with teddy bear

Cool Star Wars Photos Fact -

Code Silver
Code Silver was a priority signal Darth Vader had given to his troops that were ordered to search for Luke Skywalker. If any troops revealed Luke's precise position, they were ordered to launch a Code Silver transmission with the info back to Vader .


Cool Star Wars Photos, George Lucas In Carbonite

A clever take on the classic scene with Han Solo frozen in carbonite. This time it is George Lucas. Gee, the belly is a lot smaller here than in real life.

cool star wars photos george lucas in carbonite

Cool Star Wars Photos Fact -

Carbonite Freezing Chamber
This is a chamber so Tibanna gas can be held for transport by freezing it inside carbonite. The Tibanna gas is pumped into the chamber and then molten carbonite is poured in. Then it is frozen to seal the gas in the block of carbonite until it is released by thawing it out.

Lando Calrissian had one on his Cloud City mining colony and Darth Vader was going to use it to freeze Luke Skywalker to transport to the Emperor but had Han Solo frozen instead.


Cool Star Wars Photo, The AT-AT Girl

These two cool star wars photos are from a couple of t-shirts I have seen in a local store. A Star Wars AT-AT as a pet for some little girl.

cool star wars photos atat tshirt 1

cool star wars photos atat tshirt 2 

Cool Star Wars Photo Fact -

Imperial All-Terrain Armoured Transport vehicle, an elephant like assault tank that was built at the Kuat Drive Yards. These are around 15 metres tall machines that walk around on four articulated legs. They require a crew of 3 to operate, although that much of the war machine's motion is controlled by complex computers. 

The Star Wars AT-AT has two heavy laser cannons and two  medium sized blasters on its head-like cockpit, it was designed to instill fear in the enemies of the Empire. General Veers was a proponent of the AT-AT, and conveniently hid the truth that the ATAT can easily be tipped over by a simple cable wrapped around its legs. This weakness was used very effectively by the Alliance on planet Hoth  but still the Empire use the AT-AT at later battles. The AT-AT can carry up to 400 kilograms of cargo plus 40 troops  .

Hi and welcome to Cool Star Wars Photos

Hi and welcome to Cool Star Wars Photos. This will be my little blog of all types of interesting, funny, weird, strange and cool Star Wars photos and pictures and drawings.

Now I don't need to explain what Star Wars is do I. Every one in the world must know of these movies. Some Star Wars Movies were good - the original episodes 4, 5 and 6 and some were bad - Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, and 3.

Feel the force of these cool star wars photos, yes feel the force.

I really think Star Wars A New Hope was the best. A new hope is Episode 4 of Star Wars. This is the official Episode title for the film Star Wars, which originally did not have an Episode name or
number. This was added for the 1978 re-release, after work had been started on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
Star Wars won the following Academy Awards:
• Best Art Direction (Norman Reynolds, Lesley Dilley)
• Best Set Decoration (Roger Christian)
• Best Costume Design (John Mollo)
• Best Sound (Derek Ball, Ben Burtt, Sam Shaw)
• Best Film Editing (Paul Hirsch, Marcia Lucas, Richard Chew)
• Best Visual Effects (John Dykstra)
• Best Original Score (John Williams)
• Special Achievement Award for Sound Effects Creation (Ben Burtt)
Star Wars was also nominated for the following awards:
• Best Picture
• Best Supporting Actor (Alec Guinness)
• Best Director (George Lucas)
• Best Screenplay (George Lucas)