Great Free Star Wars Movie in Paper

Here is a fantastic Star Wars movie – made completely in paper. Gee some people are talented, aren’t they? I am not sure about the music that plays, doesn’t suit the movie for me.


Animated Empire Strikes Back

Not much to say here except what a great Star Wars animated gif. A real old time feel. Roll up, roll up see the amazing… the weird imaginings of amazing other worldly conflicts by mister George Lucas.

the empire strikes back animated


Simpsons Star Wars Episode

The Simpsons have never had a Star Wars episode as far as I know. Family Guy has had two, I am not sure if a third is being made though.

I think a Simpsons episode would be pretty good, do you? Or would it be more of a copy of Family Guy. I like this poster someone has drawn, interesting that there is no Darth Vader (I know Vader wouldn’t be in this scene but just about all posters have Darth Vader in it, don't they?)

cool star wars photos the simpsons homer the hutt I thought I would just look up about Star Wars Family Guy and there will be a third episode – called Family Guy It’s A Trap, out in December. Looks like Carrie has a voice role in this one. Here is a picture of the DVD cover.

family guy its a trap


One Unhappy Clown

Kids like to dress up but I guess one of these kids didn’t  want to be a clown not when there are cool Star Wars characters you could be.

cool star wars photos sad halloween costume

In the RPG game called Star Wars The Game Chambers of Questal there was a clown called Chirloff. He was an alien that was humanoid and was the head clown in Kersh Lauskener’s Travelling Acrobatic Arcadium ( a small troupe of gymnasts and animal handlers travelled the galaxy, performing for planetary officials and Imperial dignitaries).


Princess Leia the Coy Side of the Force from 1977

Just a simple press photo as part of promoting Star Wars Episode 4 I think. Princess Leia looking as good as ever.

cool star wars leia 1977 coy side of the force

Everyone knows that Carrie Fisher played the part of Leia Organa in all of the three Star Wars movies but did you know about Ann Sachs? She was Princess Leia Organa in the radio dramatisations of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.


Vintage Star Wars 1977 figures

These maybe are the droids you are looking for. A funny take on the the movie saying with Stormtrooper figures looking through E-bay for the R2-D2 and C-3PO toy figures.

cool star wars photo droids and ebay Some R2-D2 facts.

Alvien was the name of the Stormtrooper squadron that was assigned to set up blockades in Mos Eisley to stop R2-D2 and C-3PO from fleeing Tatooine.

In the first draft of Star Wars Artoo Deetoo was designated A-2 not R2-D2 .

According to the original Revell model kit, R2-D2's serial number was Y477Q90 and the instruction sheet says that R2-D2 was manufactured by Imperial Cybernetics Corporation.


Chewie and Han, Calvin and Hobbes

Not sure who drew this but it’s a pretty good Star Wars drawing. Chewie and Han Solo drawn in the style of the great Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

chewie and han star wars comic

Chewbacca was born on Kashyyk around 183 pre-Empire. People named him Chewie, for short. He grew up without much human involvement. He excelled in the number of hand-to-hand combat skills a Wookiee is taught, and also gained a great deal of mechanical skill. At the age of 80, he left Kashyyk to travel around the stars. For 60 years, he answered to no one but himself, until the Empire declared all Wookies were slaves.

Chewie was apprehended as a rogue Wookiee and imprisoned, where he learnt about the Imperial directive, and he spent the next 30 years doing hard labour in the Empire's slave camps. Chewbacca was destined to have a short life as a slave when he was rescued by an Imperial Navy apprentice by the name of Han Solo.

Chewie claimed a life debt to Han, and the two of them escaped Imperial control and began living underground as smugglers. Chewie's physical strength and mechanical abilities made him a arduous partner, and he and Han had countless adventures for around 15 years before taking on Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker for passage to Alderaan.


Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill give each other a cuddle

Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill give each other a cuddle off set during the making of the first Star wars  movie.carrie fisher mark hammil cuddle inappropriate touching

Luuke Skywalker (note the spelling of Luuke, not Luke) was a clone created by Joruus C'baoth. It was cloned from the hand Luke lost in the course of his battle against his father,Darth Vader, on Cloud City. The clone, as had been all the
clones that have been developed too speedily in their Force resilient vats, was mentally unstable and dangerous. Luuke, the clone, was defeated by Mara Jade (Mara was then Luke Skywalkers wife)

Mark Hamill played Luke Skywalker in the three Star Wars films, and also the voice in the Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back Radio Dramas that played on National Public Radio.


Cool solid gold C3P0, black chrome Darth Vader

Collecting star wars action figures and Star Wars Lego minifigures is more than just buying them and displaying them like you would any other collectable. Instead it's more about preserving either your child hood (or your new childhood). I think it is really cool that these old toys and new toys can be saved for future generations.

The first thing to note whether collecting vintage or new star wars collectables is that the value only increases with the availability of the item. Sadly many new Star Wars toys from like Target and K-mart will be the same price ten years from now or the price will maybe even drop, there are just so many of them.

The trick that occurred after the 70's and 80's Star Wars toys hit the market was people didn't know they would soon one day become very valuable, kids played with them as they should, and then later on were just thrown out. Did you know that the first company's to create star wars toys and action figures were Kenner and Palitoy and Toltoys and with so many variations of products these items are some of the most sought after Star Wars merchandise. Kenner didn't launch their line until after the first Christmas the Star Wars movie hit the big screen so avid buyers had to wait. But they did give a cardboard box called the "early bird package" that was sold in stores in which figures were sent to you later along with some other premium items. They tried to sell the idea the kids would love an empty box with a certificate in it for Christmas and then get their actual toys in February – I would have hated that when I was a kid!

So what is the most valuable star wars item you ask? Well many people including me say that the double telescoping lightsaber Ben Kenobi in original 12 back package is the rarest raising prices as much of 30,000 dollars for highly graded AFA(action figure graded) packaged ones. I am thinking it is cheaper and more fun to collect the rare Lego Star Wars sets. May the force be with you.

cool star wars photos star wars minifigure gold c3-p0 cool star wars photos star wars minifigure silver darth


Star Wars, ET, Jaws, Titanic all related

I can’t remember if I have posted this one before. It is a card that George Lucas sent James Cameron when Cameron released the Titanic movie and it became the biggest movie ever at the time. A pretty good pic with just about all the Star Wars characters to be found.

Actually, I have just tracked down what it is from – it was from this full-page advert congratulating Cameron. Apparently it is a tradition to do this and I have found a few more – one when Star Wars beat Jaws movie and another when the re-released Star Wars beat ET.

cool star wars photos george lucas james cameron star wars titanic congrats card

star wars jaws

star wars et movie

Star Wars Promo Photo 1977 Princess Leia

This Star Wars photo looks to a movie promo photo from the original 1977 movie. Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia sitting down posing for the camera.

cool star wars leia 1977 coy side of the force

I have just read about Gary Kurtz. He was the producer/second unit director of movies Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back and was the one who came up with the Empire Strikes Back title. He split with George Lucas over a dispute while planning Return of the Jedi.

Kurtz said - We had an outline and George changed everything in it. Instead of bittersweet and poignant he wanted a euphoric ending with everybody happy. The original idea was that they would rescue Han Solo in the early part of the story but that he would then die in the middle part of the film in a raid on an Imperial base. George then decided he didn’t want any of the principals killed becuase by that time there were really big toy sales and did not want to stop that.

The ending of the film that Kurtz favoured was going to have the rebel forces in tatters, Leia grappling with her new duties as queen and Luke walking off alone like Clint Eastwood in the spaghetti westerns. Much more interesting than and an ending that would have been a more emotionally nuanced finale to an epic adventure than the silly forest celebration of the Ewoks that essentially ended the trilogy with a teddy bear luau.

He also did not like Lucas idea of a second Death Star, which he felt would be too derivative of the 1977 film. So we agreed that I should probably leave.


Star Wars movies IV, V, VI online and in Lego

Well this isn’t a cool Star Wars photo but is a cool Star Wars video. This online video show the best three Star Wars movies – the original trilogy episodes IV - A New Hope, V - The Empire Strikes Back, and VI - Return of the Jedi. All in with Star Wars Lego and all three movies in around three minutes.


Darth Vader and Irvin Kershner

Here is a behind the scenes Star Wars photo of Irvin Kershner the director of Star Wars V -Empire Strikes Back probably my favourite Star Wars movie (toss up between this and the first Episode IV) in a candid moment with Darth Vader.

Cool Star Wars behing the scenes vader and the directorAs I mentioned above, Irvin Kershner was the director of the great Star Wars movie Episode V The Empire Strikes Back (after almost turning it down). But what other great movies has he directed – Well none that I know of.

He has directed a few crappy ones though. Never Say Never – the poor James Bond 007 movie where Sean Connery returned after George Lazenby got dumped (I thought George was a great James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service in 1969). Never Say Never was terrible – bad acting and bad story. Another movie Kershner directed was Robocop2 – Robocop was a great movie, full on and had an R rating because of the violence, the sequel was terrible and was like school kids tried to copy the first one.


All the Star Wars characters as toy bears

I assume these Star Wars bears are toys you can buy but then again maybe someone has just made them up  themselves – I don’t know. Either way that look pretty good and I can see people wanting to collect these star wars teddy bears.

Looks like there is Yoda bear,Darth Maul bear, Darth Vader bear, C3P0 bear, R2D2 bear, Wookie bear, Ewok bear, Trooper bear, Boba Fettbear and others I cant think of at the moment!

cool star wars photos star wars bear toys

Do you know who played the major characters in the first Star Wars movie? Well now you know.

Luke Skywalker MARK HAMILL
Princess Leia Organa CARRIE FISHER
Grand Moff Tarkin PETER CUSHING
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi ALEC GUINNESS
Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) KENNY BAKER
Lord Darth Vader DAVID PROWSE
General Dodonna ALEX McCRINDLE
General Willard EDDIE BYRNE
Red Three (Biggs) GARRICK HAGON
Red Four (John "D") JACK KLAFF


Star Wars IV Carrie Fisher Behind the Scenes Photo

A nice photo of Carrie Fisher posing for the camera while filming Star Wars Episode IV – The original and best Star Wars movie I think.

Other people had auditioned to be the famous Princess Leia and one that you can see on youtube, apart from Carrie Fishers audition, is Cindy Williams (the co – star of Laverne and Shirley, the 70’s sit com). I wonder if she would have made a good princess. Gee , her life would have changed if she got the part.

CARRIE FISHER behind the scenes star wars episode iv

Here is the Cindy Williams audition for Star Wars in the role of Princess Leia Organa.

cool Star Sars jawa scavenger drawing

Not sure who has done this drawing of a Jawa scavenger but isn’t it great. Really shows what the Jawas looked like – maybe it is a sketch of the characters when making the movie?

Jawa are those little desert-people on Tatooine, they have large, glowing eyes which look out from their dirty cloak looking clothes. Their language is really hard to understand – unless you are a Jawa I guess. They seem to work in packs but are really cowards. They work together in small little groups to collect
anything and everything that they could possible sell to anyone willing to buy. They were the ones that sold C3PO and R2D2 to Lukes uncle.

cool star wars jawa scavenger drawingDid you know Ganno Juice is a bitter tasting, thick juice that just about all races hate, all except the Jawas – the love the black Ganno syrup.


Behind the scenes photo of Star Wars Episode IV

This old original Star Wars photo looks pretty good. A heap of Star Wars stortrooper actors and a … actually what is the creature called, it’s not a Tauntaun because they were on the ice world Hoth and this is the planet Tatooine. Now I know, the creature is a Dewback, isn’t and from episode 4.

When the original Star Wars Ep IV movie was being made, the Dewback creature was, of course, a huge mechanical kind of puppet that could not move easily. With the weather and sand at Tunisia it would not work properly, so it was always moved to back and hidden away in the background of scenes rather than seen close-up. A single Dewback could be seen during the Imperial search for the droids and this is what this old photo is from. The same Dewback puppet was used outside the Mos Eisley Cantina.

When George Lucas remade the newer version of Episode IV Special Edition he had the Dewback changed and made the Dewback much more mobile. He got GCI artists to make computer generated Dewbacks and put them in the scenes. They even added computer made Stormtrooper riders. I think I have mentioned I don’t like the CGI changes at all, they look even worse and stand out more than the cool star wars puppets.

behind the scenes star wars episode iv


Japanese Star Wars poster with Yoda at Tokyo train station

This is an old train station poster advertising the then newly released Star Wars movies Episodes one to three. It looks pretty good but show , to me, how ‘computery” Yoda really looked like in the new movies. I much rathered the Yoda puppet in the old episodes 4, 5, and 6.

cool star wars photos Japanese Star Wars poster with Yoda in tokyo train stationStar Wars fun fact: In Star Wars Episode One there was a female Jedi Master called Yaddle. She was a member member of the Jedi Council because she was known on the Council for her patience, compassion, and wisdom. She was the same species as Yoda and was only 477 years old (young?) at the time of the Battle of Naboo. It is said that she is one of the very few Jedi that were entrusted with the knowledge of Morichro. Morichro was one of the most dangerous Force techniques known to the Jedi Masters of the Old Republic. It was a Force that is forbidden to all but a few Jedi Masters. What it does is it rapidly slows the body functions of other beings, resulting in a quick death.


Cool Princess Leia Hat

Keep you ear warm and be cool at the same time, well maybe not. Some clever bugger has made this knitted hat to look like Star Wars girl Princess Leia hair style. Would you wear one, no I didn’t think so.

cool star wars photos leia hat

The Grand Audience Chamber is that large, open place that is at the top of the Great Temple on Yavin 4. This was the place where Princess Leia gave out the Medals of Honour to Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca for their part in the Battle of Yavin.


George Lucas , then and now

Well, I guess it is not just George Lucas but just about every film maker – take Avatar for example, it would be mostly green screen. But the good old days had actually actors and models and they looked great. The newer Star Wars movies and the reissues of the originals , to me, just looked a bit to computery for me. Anyone agree?

cool star wars photos george lucas 1983 2005

Did you know that George Lucas showed the cartoon movie Duck Dodgers in the Twenty-fourth and a half Century to all the cast and crew before the 1977 screening of the first Star Wars to them.


Owen Lars & Aunt Beru charred - Another rare action figure toy

Yet another rare Star Wars action figure as a joke. Poor old Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, Luke Skywalker would not be happy.

Did you know that just before Owen Lars bought C-3PO he bought a R5-D4 droid and remember it blew up it’s motivator servo just after it was bought so in the end Owen bought R2-D2. Well in the old Star Wars Radio Drama it has that R2-D2 tampered with the R5-D4 so that its motivator would fail so he could get picked. Sneaky, hey. R2-D2 isn’t so nice is it?

cool star wars photos owen lars & aunt beru charred rare action figure toy


Cool Star Wars photos - Stormtrooper and US Army

I am not sure what this photo is really about. A photo of some US army guys saluting a Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper. Imperial Stormtroopers are Emperor Palpatines personal army and used by him and his commanders. Where as Stormtroopers in real life, were specialist German soldiers in the Army in World War I, also known as Shock Troops.

cool star wars photos stormtrooper and US army 

Star Wars Cool Fact. There was a division of Imperial Cold Assault Stormtroopers called Blizzard Force and they worked with AT-AT assault vehicles and together they worked on Hoth to find and destroy the Alliance base.


Funny Star Wars photo - Pimping Darth and Stormtrooper friend

Pimped Darth Vader reminds me of Huggy Bear from the 70’s TV show Starsky and Hutch , don’t you think? He was their main contact for all the underworld goings on. The part was played by Antonio Fargas.

cool star wars photos pimping darth and stormtrooper friendDid you know that Darth Vader's personal Lambda-class shuttle in Star Wars Return of the Jedi had the designation ST321. And Darths TIE Advanced (I always thought it was a TIE Fighter but it wasn’t), well TIE stands for Twin Ion Engine. Now you know.


Rarest Star Wars toy ever - The Force

Just how would you package up this rare Star Wars toy, hey? The Force is a hugely important part of the Star Wars movies.

There are three Force skills that Jedi learn. The first one is Control and it used so the Jedi can recognise the Force in yourself and to the Jedis own benefit. The second Jedi Force skill learned is Sense and it gives the Jedi the ability to sense  the Force in the universe around him to learn about their surroundings. The third Jedi Force skill to learn is Alter, a difficult one to master and can take you to the Dark Side. It lets the Jedi modify their surroundings and redistribute its energy.

cool star wars photos rarest star wars toy ever the force


Star Wars, I had friends on the Deathstar

The Stormtrooper had friends on the destroyed Deathstar. You know when I was a little kid and saw Star Wars Episode IV in 1977 (before they later on renamed it A New Hope) I always thought the Stormtroopers were robots, or I guess in Star Wars terms, Droids. I never thought they were troops of people.

cool star wars photos stormtrooper sadIn some Star Wars stories, not the movies, there were  a group of elite mercenaries called Bright Stars. They were named this because these Stormtroopers had highly-polished, shiny, chrome-plated armour .


Rarest genuine Revenge of the Jedi Star Wars movie poster

This is pretty good, isn’t it? The story goes that the name Revenge of the Jedi was used for the movie Return of the Jedi used by the Lucasfilm company to try and fool the media and press but movie studio Twentieth-Century Fox picked up the name to promote the movie, well before Goege Lucas gave them the permission.

Another story is that George Lucas thought that the movie name Return of the Jedi wasn’t a strong name and later thought to name it Revenge of the Jedi but others believed Jedi's don’t go for revenge so the title would be wrong.

And another story was Howard Kazanjian made up the title Revenge of the Jedi  to try and stop the huge amount of black market items that would come out before a movie is released. There are a few items that have the name Revenge of the Jedi instead of Return of the Jedi, especially Star Wars figures and they have become very rare and very valuable to collectors.

click picture for bigger version.

cool star wars photos rarest genuine revenge of the jedi movie poster


Cool Star Wars - behind the scenes Star Wars Episode IV Fisher, Hamill, Ford, Mayhew

This is a pretty good photo of behind the scenes filming during Star Wars Episode IV with Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew.

behind the scenes star wars episode iv Fisher Hamill Ford Mayhew

The starship that intercepted Han Solo and and his cohort Chewbacca all the way through their most historic Kessel Run was called The Assessor. Han Solo was forced to abandon the consignment of spice he was transporting, but was not capable to get it back and deliver it to Jabba the Hutt. This put him totally in debt, and forced him to hide out on the planet Tatooine.


Jedi and Sith Squirrels with Light Sabers

A good photoshopped photo of some Star Wars Jedi and Sith squirrels battling it out with Light sabers. Cool.

cool star wars photos jedi sith squirrels with light sabers Star Wars fun fact- A highly-specialized kind of droid called the AJTD-series Droid was designed to be Advanced Jedi Training Droids (thus AJTD) and was used by Jedi Knights. They were used for all types of training but mostly for Jedi Lightsaber training.


star wars iv R2D2 and lucas behind the scenes

This photo, behind the scenes during the making of Star Wars Episode IV (the best episode), shows George Lucas standing next to R2D2. I am not sure if it is RD-D2 or some other model. Maybe it is a R2-D2 prototype mock-up?

behind the scenes star wars episode iv R2D2 lucas Cool Star Wars fun fact: Tauntaun is a cold -weather beast that resembles a fur covered lizard that walks on its back legs plus has curled horns. Belonging to the ice planet Hoth, these beasts are frequently found inside huge herds, rushing around the icy plains on their big, three-toed paws. They boast tough, coarse lips so as to let them to graze lichens plus moss off open rocks for food. This is not the only type of food they eat they sometimes eat small rat like creatures as well. At night they search for night-time shelter inside caves, because they are not able to stay alive in the tough night weather.

They had been used with the Alliance as a type of horse throughout their occupancy on Echo Base. The Tauntaun has a distinctive, arctic hardy blood that  makes it possible for it to stay alive on the Hoth landscape. There are a few varieties of Tauntaun on Hoth but they all possess the same distinctive blend of reptile and mammal qualities. The Tauntaun is the Wampa ice creatures preferential supply of food.


Star Wars C3P0 and R2D2 in disguise

Funny picture of the two best Star Wars characters C3-P0 and R2-D2. The classic line These aren’t the droids you’re looking for !!

these are not the droids youre looking for star wars picture funny


weird looking R2D2 from Star Wars

What a weird looking R2D2 from Star Wars. This funny thing is just a photo of someone in fancy dress. Very strange but very cool Star Wars photo.

cool star wars photos just weird r2d2 Star Wars fun fact -

Nien Nunb is from a Sullustan race. He was a loyal member of staff representing SoroSuub until it aligned itself along with the evil Empire. He was a trade runner for the company, using his standard lightweight freighter Sublight Queen to transport unprocessed resources along with mineral deposits toward out-of-the-way systems. He met Lando Calrissian on one of his numerous missions on behalf of SoroSuub. After the Empire grew to dominance and SoroSuub claimed its loyalty to the New Order, Nien Nunb fled from Sullust then united with the Alliance.

Nien Nunb's supreme achievement arrived at some point in the Battle of Endor, when he was assigned to be Lando's co-pilot the Millennium Falcon taking part in the assault on the second Death Star. He later on assisted Han Solo in the rescue of the planet Vandelheim from Imperial rule, assisted in the defeat of the Godoans, plus yet again piloted the Falcon against the N'Gai.

Following Grand Admiral Thrawn's demise, Lando approached him by way of an proposal to help excavate Kessel's spice mines in place of a partial share of the mines' revenue. Nunb saw the reason behind hiring races that unsurprisingly lived beneath the earth to officially extract spice, and agreed to perform in the role of Calrissian’s Chief Officer. Jointly, they turned Kessel’s complete organization into a respectable business, supplying spice designed for therapeutic as well as other above-board uses.

Star Wars Episode IV vs Family Guy Blue Harvest

Here is a little picture that compares a few still frames from both Family Guy Blue Harvest Special and the Original Star Wars Episode IV New Hope. Of couse they are very similar because that is what Family Guy was aiming for. I also have the newer Family Guy Something Something Darkside  which is a take on Episode V, I notice that the DVD has a free digital copy to put on your iPOD, Computer or Zune etc.

cool star wars photos family guy compared to movie Star Wars fun fact – Calamari a planet is covered with deep oceans, with many islands and coral atolls and is the home to two amphibious races. It has Mon Calamari who are land dwelling and Quarren which are ocean dwelling . The   exposed land is boggy wetlands and can’t support any life. But the two native races started to build cities that floated, made out of the minerals and rocks that they mine from the ocean floor. the cities are a little like icebergs, some are exposed above the water surface but the most of Calamari cities lay under the ocean.


Cool Star Wars, Princess Leia mum with Stormtrooper child

I guess this a fancy dress outing somewhere, maybe the Disney theme park that had Star Wars week. What a great mum dressing as Princess Leia and her son or daughter looking just fine as a miniature sized Stormtrooper.

cool star wars photos princess leia mum with stormtrooper son Star Wars Fact - Many Dark Jedi use Force Lightning, which is a corrupted version of The Force and materialises itself as blue lightning. The Dark Jedi then directs it at their opponent. Note that the Light Side Jedi do not use Force Lightening.


Cool Star Wars, Carrie Fisher behind the scenes 1977

Here is a pretty rare photo of Carrie Fisher just relaxing on the set of Star Wars. I am not sure what Episode it is – Episode IV , V, VI. Could someone let me know please.

behind the scenes star wars episode iv CARRIE FISHER Cool Star Wars facts – Beedo was the name of Greedo's relative that went to work for Jabba the Hutt after Greedo died. He was a servile self-seeker who always attempted to win favour by flattering Jabba but was afraid of Jabba’s intense anger if he make any error.


cool star wars movie prop jedi starfighter with r2d2 inside

This is a great photo of a Star Wars movie prop in storage. It looks like Lukes Jedi Starfighter with the remains of R2-D2 inside. Very cool but really show how awful the props look in reality.

cool star wars photos movie prop jedi starfighter with r2d2 inside Star Wars fun fact. A regiment of Royal Naboo Starfighter pilots, called Bravo Squadron, were sent to destroy the Trade Federation’s droid control ship during the Battle of Naboo. They tried to battle through many of the Federation’s vulture droid fighter ships but could not get through the powerful shields that the control ship had. In the end it was Anakin Skywalker that finally destroyed the ship from inside.


Star Wars Baseball

Another cool Star Wars photo. This is from a Japanese baseball game with Star Wars characters playing baseball for entertainment. Darth Vader pitching to the golden C3-P0. Looks like a Storm Trooper is the Umpire / Referee.

cool star wars photos darth vader, c3p0 and storm trooper playing baseballCool Star Wars Fact: Admiral Ackbar's original Mon Calamari Star Cruiser was called the Home One. It served as the command ship for the Alliance during the Battle of Endor and, at that time, it was the largest ship in the Alliance’s fleet.