Cool Star Wars, Carrie Fisher behind the scenes 1977

Here is a pretty rare photo of Carrie Fisher just relaxing on the set of Star Wars. I am not sure what Episode it is – Episode IV , V, VI. Could someone let me know please.

behind the scenes star wars episode iv CARRIE FISHER Cool Star Wars facts – Beedo was the name of Greedo's relative that went to work for Jabba the Hutt after Greedo died. He was a servile self-seeker who always attempted to win favour by flattering Jabba but was afraid of Jabba’s intense anger if he make any error.


cool star wars movie prop jedi starfighter with r2d2 inside

This is a great photo of a Star Wars movie prop in storage. It looks like Lukes Jedi Starfighter with the remains of R2-D2 inside. Very cool but really show how awful the props look in reality.

cool star wars photos movie prop jedi starfighter with r2d2 inside Star Wars fun fact. A regiment of Royal Naboo Starfighter pilots, called Bravo Squadron, were sent to destroy the Trade Federation’s droid control ship during the Battle of Naboo. They tried to battle through many of the Federation’s vulture droid fighter ships but could not get through the powerful shields that the control ship had. In the end it was Anakin Skywalker that finally destroyed the ship from inside.


Star Wars Baseball

Another cool Star Wars photo. This is from a Japanese baseball game with Star Wars characters playing baseball for entertainment. Darth Vader pitching to the golden C3-P0. Looks like a Storm Trooper is the Umpire / Referee.

cool star wars photos darth vader, c3p0 and storm trooper playing baseballCool Star Wars Fact: Admiral Ackbar's original Mon Calamari Star Cruiser was called the Home One. It served as the command ship for the Alliance during the Battle of Endor and, at that time, it was the largest ship in the Alliance’s fleet.