Whole Star Wars Episode IV animated gif

Watch this animated GIF. It is the whole movie , The whole Star Wars Episode IV movie done in a simple animated GIF style. Can’t get much cooler or geekier than this , can you?

star wars episode IV whole movie animated gif


Star Wars race team

I don’t know what race or team ( I guess an Indy race) this is but it must have been advertising for an upcoming Star Wars movie or maybe a game.

cool star wars photos storm trooper racing team

Did ya know ? .. According to Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace Insider Guide, in the rough draft of Star Wars: Episode I, Toy Dampener was a Podracer that forced Anakin Skywalker’s pod to flip upside-down, landing onto of his own podracer.


Boba-boobie costume

Well, what can I say.. The costume fits her well.

Boba Boobies girl cool star wars

In Episode V Boba Fett was played by Jeremy Bulloch. He also played Jeremoch Colton in Episode III.

He was in a few other famous shows as well – James Bond The Spy Who Loved Me in 1977 and Doctor Who in 1973