All the Star Wars characters as toy bears

I assume these Star Wars bears are toys you can buy but then again maybe someone has just made them up  themselves – I don’t know. Either way that look pretty good and I can see people wanting to collect these star wars teddy bears.

Looks like there is Yoda bear,Darth Maul bear, Darth Vader bear, C3P0 bear, R2D2 bear, Wookie bear, Ewok bear, Trooper bear, Boba Fettbear and others I cant think of at the moment!

cool star wars photos star wars bear toys

Do you know who played the major characters in the first Star Wars movie? Well now you know.

Luke Skywalker MARK HAMILL
Princess Leia Organa CARRIE FISHER
Grand Moff Tarkin PETER CUSHING
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi ALEC GUINNESS
Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) KENNY BAKER
Lord Darth Vader DAVID PROWSE
General Dodonna ALEX McCRINDLE
General Willard EDDIE BYRNE
Red Three (Biggs) GARRICK HAGON
Red Four (John "D") JACK KLAFF


Star Wars IV Carrie Fisher Behind the Scenes Photo

A nice photo of Carrie Fisher posing for the camera while filming Star Wars Episode IV – The original and best Star Wars movie I think.

Other people had auditioned to be the famous Princess Leia and one that you can see on youtube, apart from Carrie Fishers audition, is Cindy Williams (the co – star of Laverne and Shirley, the 70’s sit com). I wonder if she would have made a good princess. Gee , her life would have changed if she got the part.

CARRIE FISHER behind the scenes star wars episode iv

Here is the Cindy Williams audition for Star Wars in the role of Princess Leia Organa.

cool Star Sars jawa scavenger drawing

Not sure who has done this drawing of a Jawa scavenger but isn’t it great. Really shows what the Jawas looked like – maybe it is a sketch of the characters when making the movie?

Jawa are those little desert-people on Tatooine, they have large, glowing eyes which look out from their dirty cloak looking clothes. Their language is really hard to understand – unless you are a Jawa I guess. They seem to work in packs but are really cowards. They work together in small little groups to collect
anything and everything that they could possible sell to anyone willing to buy. They were the ones that sold C3PO and R2D2 to Lukes uncle.

cool star wars jawa scavenger drawingDid you know Ganno Juice is a bitter tasting, thick juice that just about all races hate, all except the Jawas – the love the black Ganno syrup.


Behind the scenes photo of Star Wars Episode IV

This old original Star Wars photo looks pretty good. A heap of Star Wars stortrooper actors and a … actually what is the creature called, it’s not a Tauntaun because they were on the ice world Hoth and this is the planet Tatooine. Now I know, the creature is a Dewback, isn’t and from episode 4.

When the original Star Wars Ep IV movie was being made, the Dewback creature was, of course, a huge mechanical kind of puppet that could not move easily. With the weather and sand at Tunisia it would not work properly, so it was always moved to back and hidden away in the background of scenes rather than seen close-up. A single Dewback could be seen during the Imperial search for the droids and this is what this old photo is from. The same Dewback puppet was used outside the Mos Eisley Cantina.

When George Lucas remade the newer version of Episode IV Special Edition he had the Dewback changed and made the Dewback much more mobile. He got GCI artists to make computer generated Dewbacks and put them in the scenes. They even added computer made Stormtrooper riders. I think I have mentioned I don’t like the CGI changes at all, they look even worse and stand out more than the cool star wars puppets.

behind the scenes star wars episode iv


Japanese Star Wars poster with Yoda at Tokyo train station

This is an old train station poster advertising the then newly released Star Wars movies Episodes one to three. It looks pretty good but show , to me, how ‘computery” Yoda really looked like in the new movies. I much rathered the Yoda puppet in the old episodes 4, 5, and 6.

cool star wars photos Japanese Star Wars poster with Yoda in tokyo train stationStar Wars fun fact: In Star Wars Episode One there was a female Jedi Master called Yaddle. She was a member member of the Jedi Council because she was known on the Council for her patience, compassion, and wisdom. She was the same species as Yoda and was only 477 years old (young?) at the time of the Battle of Naboo. It is said that she is one of the very few Jedi that were entrusted with the knowledge of Morichro. Morichro was one of the most dangerous Force techniques known to the Jedi Masters of the Old Republic. It was a Force that is forbidden to all but a few Jedi Masters. What it does is it rapidly slows the body functions of other beings, resulting in a quick death.


Cool Princess Leia Hat

Keep you ear warm and be cool at the same time, well maybe not. Some clever bugger has made this knitted hat to look like Star Wars girl Princess Leia hair style. Would you wear one, no I didn’t think so.

cool star wars photos leia hat

The Grand Audience Chamber is that large, open place that is at the top of the Great Temple on Yavin 4. This was the place where Princess Leia gave out the Medals of Honour to Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca for their part in the Battle of Yavin.


George Lucas , then and now

Well, I guess it is not just George Lucas but just about every film maker – take Avatar for example, it would be mostly green screen. But the good old days had actually actors and models and they looked great. The newer Star Wars movies and the reissues of the originals , to me, just looked a bit to computery for me. Anyone agree?

cool star wars photos george lucas 1983 2005

Did you know that George Lucas showed the cartoon movie Duck Dodgers in the Twenty-fourth and a half Century to all the cast and crew before the 1977 screening of the first Star Wars to them.


Owen Lars & Aunt Beru charred - Another rare action figure toy

Yet another rare Star Wars action figure as a joke. Poor old Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, Luke Skywalker would not be happy.

Did you know that just before Owen Lars bought C-3PO he bought a R5-D4 droid and remember it blew up it’s motivator servo just after it was bought so in the end Owen bought R2-D2. Well in the old Star Wars Radio Drama it has that R2-D2 tampered with the R5-D4 so that its motivator would fail so he could get picked. Sneaky, hey. R2-D2 isn’t so nice is it?

cool star wars photos owen lars & aunt beru charred rare action figure toy


Cool Star Wars photos - Stormtrooper and US Army

I am not sure what this photo is really about. A photo of some US army guys saluting a Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper. Imperial Stormtroopers are Emperor Palpatines personal army and used by him and his commanders. Where as Stormtroopers in real life, were specialist German soldiers in the Army in World War I, also known as Shock Troops.

cool star wars photos stormtrooper and US army 

Star Wars Cool Fact. There was a division of Imperial Cold Assault Stormtroopers called Blizzard Force and they worked with AT-AT assault vehicles and together they worked on Hoth to find and destroy the Alliance base.


Funny Star Wars photo - Pimping Darth and Stormtrooper friend

Pimped Darth Vader reminds me of Huggy Bear from the 70’s TV show Starsky and Hutch , don’t you think? He was their main contact for all the underworld goings on. The part was played by Antonio Fargas.

cool star wars photos pimping darth and stormtrooper friendDid you know that Darth Vader's personal Lambda-class shuttle in Star Wars Return of the Jedi had the designation ST321. And Darths TIE Advanced (I always thought it was a TIE Fighter but it wasn’t), well TIE stands for Twin Ion Engine. Now you know.


Rarest Star Wars toy ever - The Force

Just how would you package up this rare Star Wars toy, hey? The Force is a hugely important part of the Star Wars movies.

There are three Force skills that Jedi learn. The first one is Control and it used so the Jedi can recognise the Force in yourself and to the Jedis own benefit. The second Jedi Force skill learned is Sense and it gives the Jedi the ability to sense  the Force in the universe around him to learn about their surroundings. The third Jedi Force skill to learn is Alter, a difficult one to master and can take you to the Dark Side. It lets the Jedi modify their surroundings and redistribute its energy.

cool star wars photos rarest star wars toy ever the force


Star Wars, I had friends on the Deathstar

The Stormtrooper had friends on the destroyed Deathstar. You know when I was a little kid and saw Star Wars Episode IV in 1977 (before they later on renamed it A New Hope) I always thought the Stormtroopers were robots, or I guess in Star Wars terms, Droids. I never thought they were troops of people.

cool star wars photos stormtrooper sadIn some Star Wars stories, not the movies, there were  a group of elite mercenaries called Bright Stars. They were named this because these Stormtroopers had highly-polished, shiny, chrome-plated armour .


Rarest genuine Revenge of the Jedi Star Wars movie poster

This is pretty good, isn’t it? The story goes that the name Revenge of the Jedi was used for the movie Return of the Jedi used by the Lucasfilm company to try and fool the media and press but movie studio Twentieth-Century Fox picked up the name to promote the movie, well before Goege Lucas gave them the permission.

Another story is that George Lucas thought that the movie name Return of the Jedi wasn’t a strong name and later thought to name it Revenge of the Jedi but others believed Jedi's don’t go for revenge so the title would be wrong.

And another story was Howard Kazanjian made up the title Revenge of the Jedi  to try and stop the huge amount of black market items that would come out before a movie is released. There are a few items that have the name Revenge of the Jedi instead of Return of the Jedi, especially Star Wars figures and they have become very rare and very valuable to collectors.

click picture for bigger version.

cool star wars photos rarest genuine revenge of the jedi movie poster


Cool Star Wars - behind the scenes Star Wars Episode IV Fisher, Hamill, Ford, Mayhew

This is a pretty good photo of behind the scenes filming during Star Wars Episode IV with Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew.

behind the scenes star wars episode iv Fisher Hamill Ford Mayhew

The starship that intercepted Han Solo and and his cohort Chewbacca all the way through their most historic Kessel Run was called The Assessor. Han Solo was forced to abandon the consignment of spice he was transporting, but was not capable to get it back and deliver it to Jabba the Hutt. This put him totally in debt, and forced him to hide out on the planet Tatooine.