Cool Star Wars Photos, Original Star Wars Script

Super cool photo of a Star Wars script. Richard says “My dad got me the one of the best birthday gifts ever. This is an original copy of the fourth draft of George Lucas' script, originally entitled 'The Star Wars', 1976. “ Lucky bugger… unless it is a ‘Copy’ of the draft copy.

cool star wars photos draft script of original star wars

Cool Star Wars Photos fact -

The Krayt Dragon is a huge, terrifying beast native to the planet Tatooine. The Krayt dragon is a beast which continues to grow larger the whole time of its years. The Krayt dragon is a tawny colour so it can conceal itself by blending in with the desert's rocky caves and crevices. The head of the Krayt is heavily toughened and has five large horns growing from its head and its tail is dotted with long spikes. The dragon walks on four solid legs and is fairly low to the ground .

Cool Star Wars Photos, Darth Vader With His Teddy Bear

A nice little painting it looks, Darth Vader cuddling his cute little Teddy Bear. The pink shirt with a vest and tie looks good.

cool star wars photos darth vader with teddy bear

Cool Star Wars Photos Fact -

Code Silver
Code Silver was a priority signal Darth Vader had given to his troops that were ordered to search for Luke Skywalker. If any troops revealed Luke's precise position, they were ordered to launch a Code Silver transmission with the info back to Vader .


Cool Star Wars Photos, George Lucas In Carbonite

A clever take on the classic scene with Han Solo frozen in carbonite. This time it is George Lucas. Gee, the belly is a lot smaller here than in real life.

cool star wars photos george lucas in carbonite

Cool Star Wars Photos Fact -

Carbonite Freezing Chamber
This is a chamber so Tibanna gas can be held for transport by freezing it inside carbonite. The Tibanna gas is pumped into the chamber and then molten carbonite is poured in. Then it is frozen to seal the gas in the block of carbonite until it is released by thawing it out.

Lando Calrissian had one on his Cloud City mining colony and Darth Vader was going to use it to freeze Luke Skywalker to transport to the Emperor but had Han Solo frozen instead.


Cool Star Wars Photo, The AT-AT Girl

These two cool star wars photos are from a couple of t-shirts I have seen in a local store. A Star Wars AT-AT as a pet for some little girl.

cool star wars photos atat tshirt 1

cool star wars photos atat tshirt 2 

Cool Star Wars Photo Fact -

Imperial All-Terrain Armoured Transport vehicle, an elephant like assault tank that was built at the Kuat Drive Yards. These are around 15 metres tall machines that walk around on four articulated legs. They require a crew of 3 to operate, although that much of the war machine's motion is controlled by complex computers. 

The Star Wars AT-AT has two heavy laser cannons and two  medium sized blasters on its head-like cockpit, it was designed to instill fear in the enemies of the Empire. General Veers was a proponent of the AT-AT, and conveniently hid the truth that the ATAT can easily be tipped over by a simple cable wrapped around its legs. This weakness was used very effectively by the Alliance on planet Hoth  but still the Empire use the AT-AT at later battles. The AT-AT can carry up to 400 kilograms of cargo plus 40 troops  .

Hi and welcome to Cool Star Wars Photos

Hi and welcome to Cool Star Wars Photos. This will be my little blog of all types of interesting, funny, weird, strange and cool Star Wars photos and pictures and drawings.

Now I don't need to explain what Star Wars is do I. Every one in the world must know of these movies. Some Star Wars Movies were good - the original episodes 4, 5 and 6 and some were bad - Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, and 3.

Feel the force of these cool star wars photos, yes feel the force.

I really think Star Wars A New Hope was the best. A new hope is Episode 4 of Star Wars. This is the official Episode title for the film Star Wars, which originally did not have an Episode name or
number. This was added for the 1978 re-release, after work had been started on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
Star Wars won the following Academy Awards:
• Best Art Direction (Norman Reynolds, Lesley Dilley)
• Best Set Decoration (Roger Christian)
• Best Costume Design (John Mollo)
• Best Sound (Derek Ball, Ben Burtt, Sam Shaw)
• Best Film Editing (Paul Hirsch, Marcia Lucas, Richard Chew)
• Best Visual Effects (John Dykstra)
• Best Original Score (John Williams)
• Special Achievement Award for Sound Effects Creation (Ben Burtt)
Star Wars was also nominated for the following awards:
• Best Picture
• Best Supporting Actor (Alec Guinness)
• Best Director (George Lucas)
• Best Screenplay (George Lucas)