Dark Side Darth pimped out blinged out

Another good drawing, like a linocut drawing. Darth Vader with a bit of gangsta bling!cool star wars darth dark side pimped out with bling

Some Star Wars trivia - Darth Sidious sent Darth Maul to a planet called Chryya to make sure that the huge spice business on the planet was controlled by the Trade Federation. What happened though was the natives destroyed all the spice-making factories and all the equipment inside which in turn made the economy there worthless. Darth Maul did not foresee this and was punished by Darth Sidious for the massive failure.


Feel The Force–Pulp Fiction style

Cool cult movie Star Wars meets cool cult movie Pulp Fiction. What would the movie had been like if Quentin Tarantino directed Star Wars? Feel the Force, Motherf***er.

cool star wars art darth vader boba fett pulp fiction


painting of boba fett and jango fett

Very nice drawing of boba and jango fett. Can’t remember where I got the pic from , probably a friend emailed to me but thanks to whoever created it.

boba fett jango fett poster cool star wars photos

Boba Fett and the Assassin Droids is the name of the Star Wars galaxy's original talentless band. The band members originated from the planet Adarlon, where they got a fairly steady cult following despite their terrible lack of ability in music. They only ever released singles and Blow'em All Away was there biggest single. It was so bad it has been banned by the Imperial Board of Culture.


Death Star, too big to fail

Death Star, too big to fail. They said that for the Titanic as well didn’t they?

cool star wars photos too big to fail


Vader and Director

A behind the scenes photo from one of the original Star Wars movies.

Cool Star Wars behing the scenes vader and the director


Merry Christmas and have a great New Year folks.

Merry Christmas and have a great New Year folks.

Keep enjoying Cool Star Wars Photos.

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