Darth Vader on motorbike chasing Biggs R2-D2 on a bike

Darth Vader on a motorbike chasing Biggs Darklighter and R2-D2 on a bike. Star Wars Lego minifigure style.

cool star wars darth vader on bike chasing biggs and r2d2 lego

Star Wars fact : There is an airstrip near the Imperial City on Coruscant called Biggs Field and it was named this to honour Biggs Darklighter's great sacrifice he made during the Battle of Yavin.


Old C-3P0 Kids Costume

I am sure this kid loved the C-3P0 dressup but, gee, a plastic mask and tin foil pants don’t really make it.

I always thought it was C3-P0 but it is actually C-3P0, I have also seen See-Threepio – what should it be?

c-3p0 dressup for kids cool star wars


Do what it says – Keep Calm and Watch Star Wars


keep calm and watch star wars


Star Wars Eggs

Eggs, not scrambled, fried or poached but Star Wars style.

funny star wars eggs

In the Star Wars universe there is a restaurant called BanthaQuik located on the planet Bescane. Among the fantastic range of foods served are Tusken Special (which are Bantha meat shish-kababs) and Ithor Delight (that is scrambled Ooglata eggs)!

Bet you thought I couldn’t find a Star Wars reference for eggs, did you Smile