Another Disney Star Wars drawing

Another sketch relating to Star Wars VII and Disney. Yoda with Mickey Mouse ears.

disney star wars match made in hell

In the novel Jedi Apprentice: The Uncertain Path , Code Fourteen was the signal used by Jedi Master Yoda to alert the other JediMasters of trouble in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.


Star Wars Episode VII–Disneyfied

Looks like Star Wars Episode VII will be out next year, what do you think about it. Is the story continuing or will it go off a tangent. I am thinking it will be as bad as Episode I.

a sad day for star wars fans with disney taking over


Star Wars Hamburgers

Looks like a hamburger chain in France had a range of Star Wars Burgers when Episode 1 was released. There was a Darth Vader burger, Jedi Burger and a Dark burger.

The Darth Vader burger looks the best – a black bun and looks like chilli's in the salad. The Dark burger looks like a Big Mac copy.

Yum. The cholesterol is strong with this one. I find your lack of onions disturbing.

quick burger star wars 3d vader yoda burger Star Wars Hamburger

quick burger star wars yoda jedi darth maul burger Star Wars Hamburger

Quick Darth Vader hamburger

Quick darth vader and jedi burger boxes


Carrie Fisher and Warwick Davis

A Star Wars behind the scenes photo. Carrie Fisher and Warwick Davis (Ewok Wicket) on the set of Return of the Jedi behind the scenes. Warwick Davis was 11 years old when he did the Star Wars movie. He was originally cast as an extra Ewok, but Kenny Baker, who was originally going to be Wicket, fell ill, George Lucas picked Davis to be the new Wicket after seeing how he carried himself as an Ewok.

This photo was taken at the set showing Jabba The Hutt (looks like they are sitting on him) and Pricess Leia in a bikini when she was his slave.

Carrie Fisher and Warwick Davis (Ewok Wicket) on the set of Return of the Jedi behind the scenes

Fun Fact - Warwick Ashley Davis was born on the 3rd February 1970. He played the title characters in Willow and the Leprechaun film series, Ewok Wicket in Star Wars Return of the Jedi and Professor Filius Flitwick and Griphook in the Harry Potter films. Davis was also in the funny TV series Life's Too Short and An Idiot Abroad , written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.


Boba Fett–unmasked photo

A real photo of Boba Fett, unmasked on the set Jabba's Palace scenes for Star Wars special edition.

What is the name of the red headed alien next to him?

Boba Fett unmasked on the set Jabba's Palace scenes Star Wars special edition