Great Free Star Wars Movie in Paper

Here is a fantastic Star Wars movie – made completely in paper. Gee some people are talented, aren’t they? I am not sure about the music that plays, doesn’t suit the movie for me.


Animated Empire Strikes Back

Not much to say here except what a great Star Wars animated gif. A real old time feel. Roll up, roll up see the amazing… the weird imaginings of amazing other worldly conflicts by mister George Lucas.

the empire strikes back animated


Simpsons Star Wars Episode

The Simpsons have never had a Star Wars episode as far as I know. Family Guy has had two, I am not sure if a third is being made though.

I think a Simpsons episode would be pretty good, do you? Or would it be more of a copy of Family Guy. I like this poster someone has drawn, interesting that there is no Darth Vader (I know Vader wouldn’t be in this scene but just about all posters have Darth Vader in it, don't they?)

cool star wars photos the simpsons homer the hutt I thought I would just look up about Star Wars Family Guy and there will be a third episode – called Family Guy It’s A Trap, out in December. Looks like Carrie has a voice role in this one. Here is a picture of the DVD cover.

family guy its a trap


One Unhappy Clown

Kids like to dress up but I guess one of these kids didn’t  want to be a clown not when there are cool Star Wars characters you could be.

cool star wars photos sad halloween costume

In the RPG game called Star Wars The Game Chambers of Questal there was a clown called Chirloff. He was an alien that was humanoid and was the head clown in Kersh Lauskener’s Travelling Acrobatic Arcadium ( a small troupe of gymnasts and animal handlers travelled the galaxy, performing for planetary officials and Imperial dignitaries).


Princess Leia the Coy Side of the Force from 1977

Just a simple press photo as part of promoting Star Wars Episode 4 I think. Princess Leia looking as good as ever.

cool star wars leia 1977 coy side of the force

Everyone knows that Carrie Fisher played the part of Leia Organa in all of the three Star Wars movies but did you know about Ann Sachs? She was Princess Leia Organa in the radio dramatisations of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.