Funny Star Wars, Those were the droids you were looking for

I bet the Stormtrooper feels guilty now. Of course, they were the droids they were looking for. Silly buggers falling for the Force :)cool star wars photos fired trooper Star Wars info – The Royal Imperial Guards are red-armoured protectors of the Emperor, these servants are specially-trained storm troopers who met certain physical and emotional characteristics. The Royal Imperial Guards  were trained to learn the deadly art of Echani (and fought to the death against their fellow guards just to prove loyalty to Emperor Palpatine) on the barren planet of Yinchorr. Their red armour is based on two unique designs: the Thyrsus Sun Guards and the Mandalorian Death Watch.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Mickey Vader

Sing a long … M-I-C, K-E-Y, V-A-D-E-R, Mickey Vader. I am pretty sure this Star Wars poster is from a Disneyland promo. Not bad hey?

cool star wars photos darth or mickey mouse

Star Wars strange facts-

Mouse Droid is another name for the smaller versions of MSE droids. These black, trapezoidal droids roll around on 6 wheels. They are made by the Rebaxan Colmuni company. The Empire used these small, 10-inch-tall droids to fill the need for cheap, reliable labour. These boxy little droids, known as Mouse Droids because of their size, were easily programmed to perform class-three tasks, such as message delivery, in nearly every Imperial
outpost, including the Death Star.


Cool Star Wars Photos, Vader at the photo booth

What pranksters Obi won and Yoda are, messing around with poor old Vader trying to get some photos at a photo star wars photos darth in a photo booth quick star wars fact: The swamp planet that was home to Yoda was called Dagobah and was in the Sluis sector. The planet's day lasts 22 Earth hours, and its year is 340 days long. Towards the end of the Dark Jedi Insurrection, a Dark Jedi hid here and caused the planet to be bathed in Dark Side energy. Maybe this is why Jedi Master Yoda could hide on the planet when Palpatine was eradicating the Jedi, seeing his Light Side would have been covered by the Dark Side energy on the planet.