Cool Star Wars Photos, Mickey Vader

Sing a long … M-I-C, K-E-Y, V-A-D-E-R, Mickey Vader. I am pretty sure this Star Wars poster is from a Disneyland promo. Not bad hey?

cool star wars photos darth or mickey mouse

Star Wars strange facts-

Mouse Droid is another name for the smaller versions of MSE droids. These black, trapezoidal droids roll around on 6 wheels. They are made by the Rebaxan Colmuni company. The Empire used these small, 10-inch-tall droids to fill the need for cheap, reliable labour. These boxy little droids, known as Mouse Droids because of their size, were easily programmed to perform class-three tasks, such as message delivery, in nearly every Imperial
outpost, including the Death Star.

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