Cool Star Wars, Carrie Fisher behind the scenes 1977

Here is a pretty rare photo of Carrie Fisher just relaxing on the set of Star Wars. I am not sure what Episode it is – Episode IV , V, VI. Could someone let me know please.

behind the scenes star wars episode iv CARRIE FISHER Cool Star Wars facts – Beedo was the name of Greedo's relative that went to work for Jabba the Hutt after Greedo died. He was a servile self-seeker who always attempted to win favour by flattering Jabba but was afraid of Jabba’s intense anger if he make any error.


  1. Episode V, from the latter half of the movie on Cloud City.

  2. Anonymous24.3.10

    Episode V: Empire Strikes Back

  3. Anonymous28.4.10

    that's empire strikes back... episode V

  4. Anonymous3.5.10

    It's Episode V. That's the Cloud City set, and the outfit is also from that movie.

  5. Anonymous12.5.10

    episode 5, it's cloud city

  6. Well, it ain't "Star Wars" (i refuse to play the stupid "Episode IV" game - it was just "Star Wars" when i saw it two weeks before release at a special preview); no fuzzy earphones.

    I'm *guessing* "Empire" - going on the costume and set.

  7. Thanks Tim, Looks like it is from Star Wars Episode V. well done.

  8. I agree, Mike. It was always just Star Wars for me when I saw it in '77. nothing about a new hope or EpIV!!

  9. It was identified as "Episode IV: A New Hope" at the top of the introductory scroll, not in the title. I went to the early screening too, at the old Stage Door theatre on Mason St. in San Francisco and it was there then.
    You guys just missed it.

    In that month's issue of American Cinematographer George Lucas states clearly that he wanted to make a single movie of an updated version of the episodic movies he grew up watching in Modesto. He chose Episode IV just to imply that it was near the middle of what were usually 9 reel stories.

    1. It wasn't at the screening I went to. Maybe that part was cut out.