Star Wars Episode IV vs Family Guy Blue Harvest

Here is a little picture that compares a few still frames from both Family Guy Blue Harvest Special and the Original Star Wars Episode IV New Hope. Of couse they are very similar because that is what Family Guy was aiming for. I also have the newer Family Guy Something Something Darkside  which is a take on Episode V, I notice that the DVD has a free digital copy to put on your iPOD, Computer or Zune etc.

cool star wars photos family guy compared to movie Star Wars fun fact – Calamari a planet is covered with deep oceans, with many islands and coral atolls and is the home to two amphibious races. It has Mon Calamari who are land dwelling and Quarren which are ocean dwelling . The   exposed land is boggy wetlands and can’t support any life. But the two native races started to build cities that floated, made out of the minerals and rocks that they mine from the ocean floor. the cities are a little like icebergs, some are exposed above the water surface but the most of Calamari cities lay under the ocean.

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