Chewie and Han, Calvin and Hobbes

Not sure who drew this but it’s a pretty good Star Wars drawing. Chewie and Han Solo drawn in the style of the great Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

chewie and han star wars comic

Chewbacca was born on Kashyyk around 183 pre-Empire. People named him Chewie, for short. He grew up without much human involvement. He excelled in the number of hand-to-hand combat skills a Wookiee is taught, and also gained a great deal of mechanical skill. At the age of 80, he left Kashyyk to travel around the stars. For 60 years, he answered to no one but himself, until the Empire declared all Wookies were slaves.

Chewie was apprehended as a rogue Wookiee and imprisoned, where he learnt about the Imperial directive, and he spent the next 30 years doing hard labour in the Empire's slave camps. Chewbacca was destined to have a short life as a slave when he was rescued by an Imperial Navy apprentice by the name of Han Solo.

Chewie claimed a life debt to Han, and the two of them escaped Imperial control and began living underground as smugglers. Chewie's physical strength and mechanical abilities made him a arduous partner, and he and Han had countless adventures for around 15 years before taking on Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker for passage to Alderaan.


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    This is drawn by illustrator, Chris Wahl. It's a tee design available here-

  2. For those interested it's available as a tee over at Redbubble-

  3. Hey, people. If you like this please support the artist by buying a tshirt via the link above , thanks.