A Yoda Dog You Are

That poor dog, he doesn’t look happy, does he? It’s cruel to dress up the dog as Yoda – should have been Darth Vader Smile

yoda dog

Star Wars Fun Fact – According to the West End Games' Star Wars Role-Playing Game sourcebooks. Bandigos are a species of brutal omnivores that are native to the region around Temptation Canyon on Sriluur. Bandigos look a lot like large, dog-like animals with clawed limbs and wrinkled skin. They lived in the sand, and ambushed their prey by hiding under a cover of sand until the prey got close enough to capture. These four-legged creatures let out long, evil howls at night, and many historians believe that the prehistoric Weequay thought these howls were created by the water nymphs which existed deep inside Temptation Canyon.

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