Cool solid gold C3P0, black chrome Darth Vader

Collecting star wars action figures and Star Wars Lego minifigures is more than just buying them and displaying them like you would any other collectable. Instead it's more about preserving either your child hood (or your new childhood). I think it is really cool that these old toys and new toys can be saved for future generations.

The first thing to note whether collecting vintage or new star wars collectables is that the value only increases with the availability of the item. Sadly many new Star Wars toys from like Target and K-mart will be the same price ten years from now or the price will maybe even drop, there are just so many of them.

The trick that occurred after the 70's and 80's Star Wars toys hit the market was people didn't know they would soon one day become very valuable, kids played with them as they should, and then later on were just thrown out. Did you know that the first company's to create star wars toys and action figures were Kenner and Palitoy and Toltoys and with so many variations of products these items are some of the most sought after Star Wars merchandise. Kenner didn't launch their line until after the first Christmas the Star Wars movie hit the big screen so avid buyers had to wait. But they did give a cardboard box called the "early bird package" that was sold in stores in which figures were sent to you later along with some other premium items. They tried to sell the idea the kids would love an empty box with a certificate in it for Christmas and then get their actual toys in February – I would have hated that when I was a kid!

So what is the most valuable star wars item you ask? Well many people including me say that the double telescoping lightsaber Ben Kenobi in original 12 back package is the rarest raising prices as much of 30,000 dollars for highly graded AFA(action figure graded) packaged ones. I am thinking it is cheaper and more fun to collect the rare Lego Star Wars sets. May the force be with you.

cool star wars photos star wars minifigure gold c3-p0 cool star wars photos star wars minifigure silver darth

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