Darth Vader and Irvin Kershner

Here is a behind the scenes Star Wars photo of Irvin Kershner the director of Star Wars V -Empire Strikes Back probably my favourite Star Wars movie (toss up between this and the first Episode IV) in a candid moment with Darth Vader.

Cool Star Wars behing the scenes vader and the directorAs I mentioned above, Irvin Kershner was the director of the great Star Wars movie Episode V The Empire Strikes Back (after almost turning it down). But what other great movies has he directed – Well none that I know of.

He has directed a few crappy ones though. Never Say Never – the poor James Bond 007 movie where Sean Connery returned after George Lazenby got dumped (I thought George was a great James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service in 1969). Never Say Never was terrible – bad acting and bad story. Another movie Kershner directed was Robocop2 – Robocop was a great movie, full on and had an R rating because of the violence, the sequel was terrible and was like school kids tried to copy the first one.

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