Cool Star Wars Photos, Original Star Wars Script

Super cool photo of a Star Wars script. Richard says “My dad got me the one of the best birthday gifts ever. This is an original copy of the fourth draft of George Lucas' script, originally entitled 'The Star Wars', 1976. “ Lucky bugger… unless it is a ‘Copy’ of the draft copy.

cool star wars photos draft script of original star wars

Cool Star Wars Photos fact -

The Krayt Dragon is a huge, terrifying beast native to the planet Tatooine. The Krayt dragon is a beast which continues to grow larger the whole time of its years. The Krayt dragon is a tawny colour so it can conceal itself by blending in with the desert's rocky caves and crevices. The head of the Krayt is heavily toughened and has five large horns growing from its head and its tail is dotted with long spikes. The dragon walks on four solid legs and is fairly low to the ground .

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