Hi and welcome to Cool Star Wars Photos

Hi and welcome to Cool Star Wars Photos. This will be my little blog of all types of interesting, funny, weird, strange and cool Star Wars photos and pictures and drawings.

Now I don't need to explain what Star Wars is do I. Every one in the world must know of these movies. Some Star Wars Movies were good - the original episodes 4, 5 and 6 and some were bad - Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, and 3.

Feel the force of these cool star wars photos, yes feel the force.

I really think Star Wars A New Hope was the best. A new hope is Episode 4 of Star Wars. This is the official Episode title for the film Star Wars, which originally did not have an Episode name or
number. This was added for the 1978 re-release, after work had been started on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
Star Wars won the following Academy Awards:
• Best Art Direction (Norman Reynolds, Lesley Dilley)
• Best Set Decoration (Roger Christian)
• Best Costume Design (John Mollo)
• Best Sound (Derek Ball, Ben Burtt, Sam Shaw)
• Best Film Editing (Paul Hirsch, Marcia Lucas, Richard Chew)
• Best Visual Effects (John Dykstra)
• Best Original Score (John Williams)
• Special Achievement Award for Sound Effects Creation (Ben Burtt)
Star Wars was also nominated for the following awards:
• Best Picture
• Best Supporting Actor (Alec Guinness)
• Best Director (George Lucas)
• Best Screenplay (George Lucas)

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