Cool Star Wars Photo, The AT-AT Girl

These two cool star wars photos are from a couple of t-shirts I have seen in a local store. A Star Wars AT-AT as a pet for some little girl.

cool star wars photos atat tshirt 1

cool star wars photos atat tshirt 2 

Cool Star Wars Photo Fact -

Imperial All-Terrain Armoured Transport vehicle, an elephant like assault tank that was built at the Kuat Drive Yards. These are around 15 metres tall machines that walk around on four articulated legs. They require a crew of 3 to operate, although that much of the war machine's motion is controlled by complex computers. 

The Star Wars AT-AT has two heavy laser cannons and two  medium sized blasters on its head-like cockpit, it was designed to instill fear in the enemies of the Empire. General Veers was a proponent of the AT-AT, and conveniently hid the truth that the ATAT can easily be tipped over by a simple cable wrapped around its legs. This weakness was used very effectively by the Alliance on planet Hoth  but still the Empire use the AT-AT at later battles. The AT-AT can carry up to 400 kilograms of cargo plus 40 troops  .


  1. James Rowe18.8.10

    I saw this T-Shirt in thailand but they didn't have it in my size - do you know where I can get it? If not do you know who makes it?

  2. Sorry, I don't know. The store hasn't had these Star Wars T shirts in a long time.