Owen Lars & Aunt Beru charred - Another rare action figure toy

Yet another rare Star Wars action figure as a joke. Poor old Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, Luke Skywalker would not be happy.

Did you know that just before Owen Lars bought C-3PO he bought a R5-D4 droid and remember it blew up it’s motivator servo just after it was bought so in the end Owen bought R2-D2. Well in the old Star Wars Radio Drama it has that R2-D2 tampered with the R5-D4 so that its motivator would fail so he could get picked. Sneaky, hey. R2-D2 isn’t so nice is it?

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  1. Anonymous23.11.12

    what an asshole to think this is funny.


    1. Thank you the comment and for checking my blog out.
      It is meant to be a joke isn't it?