Japanese Star Wars poster with Yoda at Tokyo train station

This is an old train station poster advertising the then newly released Star Wars movies Episodes one to three. It looks pretty good but show , to me, how ‘computery” Yoda really looked like in the new movies. I much rathered the Yoda puppet in the old episodes 4, 5, and 6.

cool star wars photos Japanese Star Wars poster with Yoda in tokyo train stationStar Wars fun fact: In Star Wars Episode One there was a female Jedi Master called Yaddle. She was a member member of the Jedi Council because she was known on the Council for her patience, compassion, and wisdom. She was the same species as Yoda and was only 477 years old (young?) at the time of the Battle of Naboo. It is said that she is one of the very few Jedi that were entrusted with the knowledge of Morichro. Morichro was one of the most dangerous Force techniques known to the Jedi Masters of the Old Republic. It was a Force that is forbidden to all but a few Jedi Masters. What it does is it rapidly slows the body functions of other beings, resulting in a quick death.

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