Cool Star Wars photos - Stormtrooper and US Army

I am not sure what this photo is really about. A photo of some US army guys saluting a Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper. Imperial Stormtroopers are Emperor Palpatines personal army and used by him and his commanders. Where as Stormtroopers in real life, were specialist German soldiers in the Army in World War I, also known as Shock Troops.

cool star wars photos stormtrooper and US army 

Star Wars Cool Fact. There was a division of Imperial Cold Assault Stormtroopers called Blizzard Force and they worked with AT-AT assault vehicles and together they worked on Hoth to find and destroy the Alliance base.


  1. Thats pretty funny. So whos the evil empire here?

    Btw, Strom Troopers is also the english term used for the nazi SA organization ("Sturmabteilung", so actually its "storm division"). The SA wasnt involved in any WWII fighting however.

  2. Anonymous19.5.11

    This a soldier re-enlisting while deployed.... lol looks like had fun with it

    1. Would they let you do this?

  3. It's a US. Army reenlistment ceremony. He's signing another contract to extend his time in service. The awesomeness of it all is he's doing it in a Stormtrooper costume, in either Iraq or Afganistan (looks like Iraq)

  4. Anonymous24.1.12

    Storm Troopers was also the nick name given by German soldiers to Canadian soldiers during WW1

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