Behind the scenes photo of Star Wars Episode IV

This old original Star Wars photo looks pretty good. A heap of Star Wars stortrooper actors and a … actually what is the creature called, it’s not a Tauntaun because they were on the ice world Hoth and this is the planet Tatooine. Now I know, the creature is a Dewback, isn’t and from episode 4.

When the original Star Wars Ep IV movie was being made, the Dewback creature was, of course, a huge mechanical kind of puppet that could not move easily. With the weather and sand at Tunisia it would not work properly, so it was always moved to back and hidden away in the background of scenes rather than seen close-up. A single Dewback could be seen during the Imperial search for the droids and this is what this old photo is from. The same Dewback puppet was used outside the Mos Eisley Cantina.

When George Lucas remade the newer version of Episode IV Special Edition he had the Dewback changed and made the Dewback much more mobile. He got GCI artists to make computer generated Dewbacks and put them in the scenes. They even added computer made Stormtrooper riders. I think I have mentioned I don’t like the CGI changes at all, they look even worse and stand out more than the cool star wars puppets.

behind the scenes star wars episode iv

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