cool Star Sars jawa scavenger drawing

Not sure who has done this drawing of a Jawa scavenger but isn’t it great. Really shows what the Jawas looked like – maybe it is a sketch of the characters when making the movie?

Jawa are those little desert-people on Tatooine, they have large, glowing eyes which look out from their dirty cloak looking clothes. Their language is really hard to understand – unless you are a Jawa I guess. They seem to work in packs but are really cowards. They work together in small little groups to collect
anything and everything that they could possible sell to anyone willing to buy. They were the ones that sold C3PO and R2D2 to Lukes uncle.

cool star wars jawa scavenger drawingDid you know Ganno Juice is a bitter tasting, thick juice that just about all races hate, all except the Jawas – the love the black Ganno syrup.

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